Gelataria NoSolo Itália - Cletonina

Praia da Rocha

Gelataria NoSolo Itália - Cletonina

In 1982, two Italian friends chose the Algarve as their destination for adventure, an adventure that began to take shape in portimão. The first NoSolo Itália Ice Cream Parlour opened for business in the historical zone of portimão and it soon made a name for itself among the locals and tourists visiting portimão.
All of the items on the menu at NoSolo Itália are genuinely Italian, from the starters, pizzas, pastas and salads, to the massive ice creams and the crêpes. They are made to very old, traditional Italian recipes and prepared with meticulously selected ingredients so that you can really taste “Il Sapore d’Italia”.

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Ice Cream, Pizzeria, Pasta




+351 282 419 547


Edf. Scalabis Av. Tomas Cabreira Loja L, Praia da Rocha, Portimão 8500-802 Portugal

The NoSolo Itália ice cream parlours offer high-quality products made with premium ingredients, as well as friendly, efficient service in clean and welcoming surroundings with a Mediterranean-style décor. It is the ideal place to spend time with friends and family.
For the teams at these ice cream parlours in portimão, a good working relationship between staff is a priority. The management takes a hands-on, enthusiastic and dedicated approach to the business, earning the customers’ appreciation and liking.
There are three NoSolo Itália ice cream parlours in portimão where you can enjoy an inimitable ice cream, pizza, pasta dish or other delicious Italian speciality, and be attentively looked after: NoSolo Itália in the waterfront areaNoSolo Itália in portimão Marina and NoSolo Cletonina, in Praia da Rocha.
They offer a colourful selection of Italian ice creams, some with traditional flavours and others more innovative – such as the irresistible Nutella and Nutella with Banana. And there are huge sundaes on offer too. Clearly the NoSolo Itália concept will continue to build on the success that it has undeniably achieved over the last 30 years.


Praia da Rocha

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