Brutal Snack Bar


Brutal Snack Bar

Brutal Snack is the ideal place to eat one of the best francesinhas in the Algarve in Portimão. The traditional sauce is made every day, sometimes more than once a day. All to ensure the best flavor, with all the intensity and vigor.
Northern hospitality welcomes us to Portimão in a relaxed, unpretentious, friendly and very pleasant space. The location is not very central, but it is worth trying to find your way to the Brutal Snack Bar and once there, delight in the authentic flavors of the North, in the heart of the city of Portimão.

Useful Information


Open everyday except on Sundays




+351 282 492 018


Rua Machado de Castro, Portimão

Francesinha no Snack Bar Brutal

Faced with greater difficulty, Maria de Fátima is available to “guide” us over the phone.

The francesinhas are delicious, as are other snacks such as Escondinho, Cachorro or Brutal Hamburger. The fame of this snack bar in Portimão has been growing with every bite of the irreproachable francesinhas and there are already many who go there on purpose to present the palate with the special spice of the North.



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