Founded in 1988, Portisub is a club that provides a meeting point for members and divers in general who dive in the western Algarve or would like to do so.
Focusing on projects to promote and develop underwater activities and protect and preserve the environment, especially the marine environment, Portisub headed the survey into the condition of the Zostera banks in the Alvor Estuary area and the inspections of the marine outfall in the neighbouring municipality of Lagoa, with a view to assessing its environmental impact. Additionally, within the field of underwater archaeology, Portisub monitored the two last dredging operations in the River Arade.
One of the club’s main activities is training. Courses offered include diving, freediving and specialisation in various fields, giving participants the opportunity to discover the wonderful underwater world and fall in love with it.

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Monday, Wednesday and Friday:
5pm to 8pm


Av. Cap. Fernandes Leão Pacheco
8500-503 Portimão


+351 969 050 567

As with any club, Portisub’s success is due to a number of factors: a balanced range of activities; persistence in stimulating knowledge and fostering the preservation of the marine environment; ongoing research, surveying and underwater archaeology; and the incentive of teaching freediving and underwater hunting, always with respect for good practices in terms of managing the catch. Apart from its diving courses, the club also often organises underwater photography and video courses and courses in first aid for divers and non-divers.
Portisub is also involved in researching and registering new diving sites in the Algarve and in the organisation of excursions and diving holidays on the Algarve coast. Additionally, the club can help you obtain professional equipment or arrange for technical maintenance for diving equipment.


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