From Rocha to Alemão

The Trail

On this walk from Praia da Rocha to Praia do Alemão, which you can start either at the Praia da Rocha jetty or on Praia do Alemão, you will see beautifully-coloured cliffs that date back to the Miocene Epoch (23 to 5 million years ago).

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Sculpted over time into lacy arches and caves, the cliffs are made of limestone and contain fossils of shells and bivalves, particularly ark clams, scallops and oysters. Atop these cliffs, which loom over the beaches of Portimão and connect two of the prettiest beaches in the region, you can often spot various species of birds amid the vibrant greenery of the vegetation.

In summer, it’s not surprising to hear the raucous calls of the acrobatic alpine swifts or the melodious song of the blue rock thrushes, species which nest on the ledges and in the cracks of the cliffs.
At low tide you can walk along the sands all the way from Praia da Rocha to Praia do Alemão.

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