Journey to the Interior

The Trail

This route will give you unusual perspective of the Portimão region, focusing more on its interior. In this varied rural landscape, where there are plenty of signs of human settlement, you can understand how people have been able to live in harmony with nature by using traditional methods to work the land.

Percurso Viagem ao Interior
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Along the way, you will see orchards of citrus and almond trees and farmland where mastic and magnificent carob trees grow. The fruit of latter is often used in traditional Algarve sweets. The scenario of this trail through Portimão’s rural landscape is livened up by flocks of goldfinches, greenfinches, serins and chaffinches that seem little concerned with the watchful birds of prey – buzzards and kestrels – patrolling the area. In spring, you can see red-legged partridges with their chicks.
On the slopes along the roadside you’ll have the opportunity to admire two types of plants which have evolved to survive well in areas affected by wildfire: rock rose and eucalyptus. And you will also spot many dwarf fan palms, the only palm tree native to the Iberian Peninsula.

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