Delicate Rocha

The Trail

The Rocha Delicada Trail begins at the railway station where there is an information panel.
The area generically known as Quinta da Rocha is actually a peninsula delineated by the Odiáxere Stream and the River Alvor, which come together to form the Alvor Estuary. Along the way you will encounter a number of distinct scenarios: farmland, Mediterranean scrubland, marshes, old saltpans, fish farms and the aquatic ecosystems of Alvor’s lagoon and rivers.

Rocha delicada - rota
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In each of these places you will have the chance to see characteristic fauna and flora. However, it is the mosaic formed by all these facets in dynamic balance that makes the Alvor Estuary so beautiful and important.
The Alvor Estuary provides a safe haven for numerous species, birds in particular. During spring and summer little terns and black-winged stilts nest here and, in winter, the marshes are used by birds such as redshanks, ringed plovers, black-tailed godwits, pied avocets and flamingos seeking refuge from the harsh winters of northern climes.

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