Algarve Sun Boat

Algarve Sun Boat

Imagine yourself in a boat so silent that you can only hear the laughter of the passing water and the waves on the shore. A boat that does not travel on a cloud of exhaust gases. A boat that harvests its own fuel from the Sun, while traveling and swaying at its mooring. A boat that honors the traditions, watches over the future and has no pollution impact on nature…






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Our solar boats provide a very pleasant and relaxing experience, as they’re quiet, sail at a constant speed and don’t cause any damage to the flora and fauna. We contribute to a more ecological form of tourism, reducing pollution in water beds and producing zero carbon emissions.
You can choose onde of our tours on the Arade River: River Mouth, Sunset and Up or Down the Arade, always with a refreshing drink and a snack aboard. There is also the possibility of personalized and private tours. Boarding at Marinha de Portimão.



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