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Mexilhoeira Grande

Mexilhoeira Grande

This is the most rural civil parish in Portimão and the one which most contrasts with the urban setting of the city, not only because of its small population but also because of its whitewashed houses with coloured borders around the windows and the traditional Algarve chimneys.

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Mexilhoeira Grande


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The site where the megalithic monuments of Alcalar are to be found is one of the most impressive testaments to those who passed through here about five thousand years ago, and is not to be missed when touring this “small big” parish.
Nowadays, we can classify Mexilhoeira Grande as the most exciting parish in terms of speed as it is here that the International Motor Racing Circuit of the Algarve is located, a venue which hosts major international events.

Mexilhoeira Grande

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Monumentos Megalíticos Alcalar

Megalithic Monuments of Alcalar