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Vivid Memories – Episode 5/5 – The 25th of April and the After

September 26, 2023 - April 26, 2024


Vivid Memories is a project co-produced by the Dancenema Cultural Association, in partnership with AORCA Ong, developed within the scope of the celebrations of the 50 years of the 25th of April 1974.

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Episode 5/5 – The April 25th and the After

Based on a theatrical research work developed by Sofia Brito with the Senior Theatre Group of the Parish Council of Portimão between 2010 and 2013, this project was designed, which proposes to develop a dance piece with a cast of five professional dancers and collaboration and participation of the senior community of Portimão.

In 2011, one of the researches with the Senior Group was inspired by the book “Love and sex in Salazar’s time”, by Isabel Freire, from which the play “Eu sou Eu” was born, focusing on the theme of “Freedom”.

For this project ‘Memorias Vividas’ it is proposed to develop a dance piece with the cast of five professional dancers with the collaboration and participation of the senior community of Portimão.

The starting point in 2023 is a collection of testimonies ‘Memories Lived’ during the time of the dictatorship – the before and after of the 25th of April – shared first-hand by those who were here and who are still with us to leave their legacy.

A show will be built, in joint co-creation of Sofia Brito and Thora Jorge, with the choreographic assistance of Nilsen Jorge. This piece aims to honor the memories that we do not want to be forgotten, and to bring to young people a greater awareness of the value of democracy and the collective responsibility we have.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the 25th of April is of great importance in turbulent times and insecurity about the collective future, where the need for good world diplomacy, respect for human rights, even when power games are practiced in the management of natural resources.

Protecting democracy is of utmost importance and how to communicate this with the new generations, so that they can continue to co-create a peaceful and happy collective life for all, valuing the role of all, freedom of thought and expression, cultural diversities and belonging to a constructive collective.

In addition to the live presentation of the piece, its creation process will be recorded in video and audio.

In the public presentations, at the reception of the room where the show will take place, screens will be exposed where the public will be able to view excerpts of the recordings made during the creation, which, as a whole, will be transformed into a unique, unpublished and valuable documentary.

Throughout the creation process, it is intended to reach the community and share small extracts from these recordings, which strengthen the reflection and message: articulate with schools and teachers, foster debates, and conversations with school communities, broadcast on social networks and inspire families to dialogue and tell the stories of their lives, because the youngest do not know or imagine what it was really like to grow up in a dictatorship and therefore do not value the richness of freedom and freedom. opportunities that their lives embrace, and all those who have lost their lives to offer us this world, which we need to cherish and protect.


September 26, 2023
April 26

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