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Atelier Big and Small – Families returns to the Municipal Library

March 30


Atelier Big and Small – Families presents the story “Just a sip, frog!”

This workshop addresses, among others, the problem of water scarcity, which particularly affects the Algarve region.

Thus, anticipating World Water Day and still in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), outlined by the United Nations (UN), precisely around the inherent environmental concerns, the Municipal Library is associated with the theme and, with the partnership of EMARP, the efficiency in the use of water will be discussed.  

The work “Just a sip, Frog!” is a tale in which the promotion of humor results from the proposal of a “nonsense” situation, resolved using laughter and friendship. But the strong point of the publication lies, above all, in the illustrations. Represented on a cream background, using watercolour and drawing outlined in very fine lines, they recreate animal and plant species, as well as natural habitats, reinforcing their expressiveness and their reaction to the problem experienced. The pages are, therefore, full of visual elements that appeal to a careful observation and that give local color to the recreated scenes.  

Bring your kids and participate!  


March 30

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