The Igreja Matriz de Portimão (Main Church of Portimão) dates from the 15th century. It is located in the highest area of the city inside the old city walls. The late Gothic gateway is inspired by the most imposing monument of the age, the Batalha Monastery, and you can identify fine moulded sculptures of musicians and women. Different architectural epochs come together such as baroque, rococo and Manueline styles, the result of several phases of reconstruction and artistic enrichment of the Igreja Matriz de Portimão (Main Church of Portimão).

Open to the public Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 10am – 12.30pm and 3pm – 7pm;
Saturday 5pm – 7pm and Sunday 10.30am – 1pm and 5pm – 7pm.
Sunday and religious holidays
Saturday – 6pm
Sunday – 11.30am and 6pm
Weekdays – 10am
Telephone: (+351) 282 422 612 - Parish of Portimão
GPS: Latitude 37°08'22.8"N / Longitude 8°32'10.3"W


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