The Jesuit College and Church are located in the Alameda da Praça da República, in Portimão. They were built in the late 17th century on the orders of Diogo Gonçalves – whose mausoleum is still in the main chapel – as a mark of gratitude for having found a good place of refuge in Portimão after a severe storm at sea. The austerity and simplicity of the Restoration architecture is evident inside the nave of the church. The Jesuit College Church was chosen by the Marquis of Pombal to be the site of a new Cathedral in the region of Portimão, in the Algarve (Diocese), a project that never came to fruition.

Open to the public.
Opening hours:
Monday to Friday, 8am – 12.30pm and 3pm – 6pm.
Telephone: (+351) 282 422 612 - Parish of Portimão
Telephone: (+351) 282 402 487 – Municipal Tourist Information Office
GPS: Latitude 37°08'22.7"N / Longitude 8°32'15.2"W


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