This is one of the most romantic beaches in the western Algarve.
Prainha is made up of little coves of sand, separated from one another by rock formations that have been deeply sculpted by the action of fresh and salt water. The result is a magnificent series of arches, ledges, chasms and caves, where you can even find vows of love written on the walls. However, you should be very careful exploring the nooks and crannies on this Portimão beach as rockfalls are common.
In view of the possibility of rockfalls, you are advised to keep a safe distance from the cliffs. You should also be very careful when walking on the cliffs and keep well away from the edge. Although used by beachgoers, this beach is classified as a "limited use beach" since there is a risk of rockfalls along almost its entire length.
Below the tide line, the rocky coves are home to an incredible diversity of marine life, as enthusiastically described by divers who say this is one of the best places for their sport.
This is one of the most intimate and peaceful beaches in the Portimão region and is perfect for those who like to stay away from the crowds.

Facilities at Prainha Beach:
- Beach support
- Showers
- Lifeguard
- First-aid post
- WC
- Concessioned area with sunshades

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