This beach is best known as Praia do Alemão. There is a pine grove on the clifftop that serves as a great windbreak and provides shelter on windier days.
Bounded to the west by the Ponta de João d'Arens rock formation and to the east by Vau Beach, the peaceful Praia do Alemão is set in surroundings that are still very natural and unspoiled.
From here you can explore the pedestrian trail "Varandas sobre o Mar" ("Balconies above the Sea"), which runs along the clifftops almost to Prainha. Along the way, the greenery of the coastal scrub and a dense pine grove contrasts with the blue tones of the sea and the intense hues of the cliffs.

Facilities at Praia do Alemão (The German’s Beach):
- Beach support
- Lifeguard
- First-aid post
- WC
- Concessioned area with sunshades

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