In the days when Portimão’s fish auction was located on the west bank of the River Arade, the now Casa Bica Restaurant was a tavern where the fishermen used to gather at daybreak as they came back in from the sea. They would slake their thirst with red wine and sate their hunger with barbecued sardines.
In 1981, the tavern was turned into a traditional eatery (known as a casa de pasto) by friends Carlos, João and José. Their licence, issued in 1946, remains valid to this day. The three friends began receiving visits by curious tourists determined to sample the sardines, side-by-side with the people who knew them best: the fishermen.
Fame and quality led to the growth of this restaurant in Portimão and although the actual tavern is no longer there, you will still feel the intense connection to the sea, the River Arade and local traditions.
Among the huge variety of fresh fish on offer at the Casa Bica Restaurant, Portimão sardines reign supreme and are prepared in exactly the same way as they used to be 30 years ago.
Delicious aromas waft throughout the spacious and simply decorated room: bean stew with whelks, cuttlefish or prawns, grilled prawns and clams prepared in bulhão pato style.
The first in the row of restaurants in Portimão located on the waterfront between the bridges, Casa Bica Restaurant remains true to tradition, preserving the quality and flavours of bygone days.

Location of Restaurant Casa Bica
Between the bridges on the waterfront

Contacts of Restaurant Casa Bica
Telephone: (+351) 282 422 579

More information
Type of cuisine: Traditional dishes from the Algarve
Reservations: Walk-ins are welcome
Closed on: Sunday (open daily in July and August)
Opening Hours: 12 noon to midnight (may stay open longer in summer)
Average price: Reasonable
Capacity: 250
Open-air seating? Yes


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