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Portimão has been blessed with eight kilometres of the Algarve’s most beautiful and welcoming beaches. For around 300 days every year, the sun shines brightly down on the calm, crystal-clear, refreshing water and the fine, golden sand that stretches from the Alvor Estuary in the west to the Arade Estuary in the east.
A visit to Portimão gives you the chance to discover a wide variety of beaches with many different characteristics and to enjoy them at any time of year.
You will be pleasantly surprised by the extensive sands of Praia de Alvor, the little hidden bays, the cliffs and caves along the coast, the rocky beaches like Praia do Alemão, the lively buzz of the more family-friendly beaches and the unrivalled beauty of Praia da Rocha.
Enjoy yourself and use this guide to help you choose the best beach for your own particular likes and needs. You will soon see why the beauty of the Algarve’s beaches is here in Portimão!



Find out the most beautiful beaches in Portimão

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